About Us

Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd is a niche player in the field of Data Care and Data Security Solutions & Services since January 1994 and now we are world's number one Data Recovery Company due to our phenomenal experience in data recoveries. Unistal has attained this position only because of our uncompromising commitment to quality, continuous refinement of our work process, technologically advanced provider of data recovery services & products and enduring relationships with the clients and business associates.

Unistal has advanced, fast and cost-effective products and services to recover data lost due to any reason on any type of media/platform. We have more than twenty five softwares under our banner ranging from do-it-yourself data recovery software products, data loss pre and post preventive solutions and round the clock service network.

More than 17 years experience in performing 75,000 successful data recoveries, Unistal has served customers across the globe including secret services, government agencies, corporate houses and numerous computer users. Unistal has developed the industry's widest range of data recovery products and services - desktop, laptop, server, email, database and tape recoveries for all media types and operating systems - anywhere, anytime.

Headquartered right in the heart of Delhi and has other three offices in major IT cities (Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata) in India and above 100 data recovery labs strategically located across the globe.

Company History

In 1994, Unistal's founders, who were pioneer in the anti-virus technology saw a need in the data recovery market and developed their first product - Quick Recovery, a Data Recovery Utility. When Unistal introduced the Quick Recovery Software in market it became an instant hit for those who provided computer services and assisted them to win the hearts of computer users facing data loss problems. With constant innovation and development Unistal felt the need to provide a pro-active solution to the computer users so that recoverability is faster, safer and guaranteed.

In 1999, Unistal launched another data loss prevention software 'Crash Proof'. This was a unique creation, developed to provide 100% data immortality and prevented data loss from all disasters. Unistal hence became the first company in the world to think and bring out a proactive solution to the grave problem of data loss. All this could be achieved only because of Unistal's determination and research capabilities that led to a deep understanding of the file system and disk architecture. Since the past more than 17 years Unistal's engineers have performed more than 75,000 data recovery cases. Constant innovation led to the development of Quick Recovery and Crash Proof for operating systems like Windows, Linux and Novell NetWare, recovery software from media like floppy, CD, ZIP and thumb drives.

Corporate Creed

Sustainable competitive advantages are based on how companies can manage and leverage their intellectual assets consisting of their collective expertise, best practices and customer relationships. The challenge faced by organizations is how to effectively capture, manage and leverage such enormously valuable assets and transform them and put them into practice. Unistal is in the business of providing solutions to organizations and individuals in order that they achieve optimized business continuity.


Unistal and its partners are committed to meet and exceed customer satisfaction by ensuring support and providing professional services. This is achieved by having a state-of-art data recovery products and sophisticated recovery centers keeping abreast with the fast paced information protection market. Our belief is that our success can be measured only by providing continuous satisfaction to our customers & employees at one end, enhancing shareholders value at the other.

Data Recovery Services

Unistal has a state of the art data recovery center facility. Unistal recovers data from all types of media, platforms, servers and operating systems for the clients and partners.

Computer Forensics

Unistal has very specialized experts in performing computer forensics for various agencies. These are done with utmost professionalism and proprietary software tools are used for this purpose.


The main sales are through the distribution network established in the last 17 years. The other sales vertical is through OEM tie-ups with major computer manufacturers. Unistal has developed a web based application using which all its software is available online from its web site. This assists in Unistal's Internet marketing for exports and promotion.

Data Recovery/Care Training & Education

Unistal now imparts its extensive knowledge in business continuity and disaster recovery management and software solutions. For this a detailed courseware and practical software sets were designed. This course is job oriented and will be in great demand in the near future. Online education/examination has been started for students interested in learning through internet.